Thursday, June 16, 2011


I’ve been needing inspiration to write, needing some ideas. If anyone is curious about something, or has any idea of what I should post, please let me know. I’m willing to take in all ideas for writing, picture posts, even just random questions to answer in depth. I want to get back on things, but my mind has been completely blank.


  1. You could do like daily post about what you did that day.
    You could treat it like a diary, and write a daily entry.
    Sometimes what i do, is I could be listening to music, and the actual song might make me think about something to write if that helps.

    You could even blog your outfits.

    Hope this helps somewhat :)

  2. Dari,
    If you read my about me, I'm not fashionista. LOL I mean I can try to do the taking pictures of what I wear thing, or write stuff. I want to start doing more videos and topics. I will figure something out. Your ideas are great though, I will take them into consideration :)

  3. My gosh I've been needing things to write about to. I can't figure out anything

  4. Syd! HELP. You & I are both having brain farts.


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