Saturday, June 25, 2011

Legalization of Gay Marriage in NY!

What a way to go to sleep, what a way to wake up. Never could I have I imagined the thought of marrying a woman would be legal. Finally our civil rights as gay women and men has come true. I can love who I want, build a family with them, but most of all have a beautiful wedding & legally call them my wife. The option of being able to spend the rest of my life with a woman is such a beautiful concept, now it can finally be put into motion.

Last night I was teary eyed, but this morning I am. Seeing all the pictures going around on the internet, seeing how happy everyone is, especially being pride weekend here in NY. It's madness, the streets being as packed as they are, filled with people who have been together for decades, finally capable of loving each other eternally & having their wife or husband, not just the "title".

It hit me more knowing that less than a year ago I was proposed to. I was "engaged" & if we were still together we'd be putting together our wedding & holding, kissing, loving one another celebrating this moment with one another. The thought of that, of knowing how thrilled she would be, looking at me, talking about our future together, that made me cry. But now I know that when she does find the one for her, even if in the future it isn't me, she will be able to wed to the one she loves.

So to her & to everyone in the LGBTQ community, FINALLY! Such a joyous moment & great way to kick off Pride weekend. I hope you all don't marry someone lightly, marriage is a blessed and sacred commitment you should have with someone 'Til death do you part'. To all who supported all of us who have been reaching for this, thank you. This is a milestone that we all cried, cheered, were completely speechless about.

With that said, good morning everyone. The world is slowly changing. All you have to do is fight for what you believe in & it can take you any where.

- Ahlexandria


  1. I don't live there, but Im really excited for the people who do. Congratulations ! I hope to move there soon although C:

  2. seeing people's reactions in the streets last night was amazing!

  3. Yes! It's so beautiful the entire thing is beautiful! :)


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