Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Long Stripped Dress.

A lovely blogger Dari gave me a suggestion of doing OOTD (Outfit of the Days). Now if you know me or have read my about me, you will know I am far from a fashionista. But I figured it would be a cool idea to show what I threw together, whether it's simple or funky, because a lot of what I wear I toss on & find for CHEAP (for the most part at least)!

This was a long dress that I got online from Forever 21 for $10. It was huge on me so I threw on a tan belt with my off-white quarter sleeve cardigan. I thought it was nice especially with the way the weather has been & I could wear it to work during the week. Thank goodness it was comfortable & kept my legs warm in the AC.


  1. Yay!
    I really like that outfit, and you paired it with a cardigan, which i adore them so this is perfect!

  2. Cute Outfit, OOTD seems like a great blog post's idea

  3. Dari, thank you for the idea. It's a nice easy post to make. I think it works out well especially since I like to find things for inexpensive & just throw them on.

  4. 'That Haitian Girl' - Thank you. Dari (the blogger's comment above yours) actually gave me the idea so I can post more. :)


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