Monday, August 15, 2011

Target Girl.

TROUSERS! When I was with my mom this weekend she helped me look for some trousers for work. I found these khaki pair & two others at H&M. I'm not normally a spend more than $20 unless I have to kind of girl, but I really had to. $29.99 at H&M & I couldn't have been happier with the material of the pants and how comfortable they were. They are also regular rise pants, not low rise, so I can either wear my shirt out, or tucked in (like above). Although I look like a Target worker (which I did for a year of my life when I was younger), it was very comfy & a different look for me. :) The shirt is from H&M from a long time ago & the sandals I got on sale at H&M for $7. My braided belt, which I rarely wear belts, is from the thrift shop. Can't go wrong at all.

If anyone knows any where else I could find some nice pants that I can make into casual business wear please let me know.
- Ahlexandria.


  1. I love H&M!
    I would say try Forever 21, I see alot of trousers there where I go. Or Maurice's. They may be a little more expensive, they may run you around 30-39 dollars.

  2. I've looked in there & I can barely find any. I'm just not much of a fan of the one's in Manhattan, as absurd as it sounds. I rather a nice low key Forever 21. But H&M does it's job just as nice. I will try picking up more in two weeks. :)

    Where is Maurice's?

  3. Love that shirt, I have the same one/same color from H&M :). You're so pretty I know I say that every time you post a pic lmao but you really are.

  4. Mama Bear! The compliments you & Esspi here give me I swear. <3

    Esspi, you are absolutely GORGEOUS! I'm glad that what I wear is from good taste since you have the same thing & I enjoy how you put things together. I think I will just continue to say you're gorgeous so we can have a WAR!

  5. I dont know where exactly in NY where it is, but they have a online store and you can find where your nearest location is (:


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