Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween + Winners!

Chola to the fullest.
Make-up only for Halloween.
Celebrated Halloween this year & it was pretty cool. The outfit wasn't even as much as I expected it to be. Everything could be found in the house, except the lip liner & the make-up. LOL If you've been following my Twitter you would have seen the other pictures. :)

Not only that I was having a give away to random tweeters. People who began to follow from 1-50 then those from 51-100. I used a website instead of writing all 100 names because my hand began to cramp. The website I used was 'Random Student Selector', but it works out just the same. I had to Google and look up ones that other bloggers have used. I stayed true to it & the first ones it chose I cropped & as you see are the winners of a pair of earrings that I made.

These two lovely ladies on Twitter are my give away winners. Ladies, all I need for you to do is e-mail me your address so I can send you a pair of customized earrings. :] I will also throw in some little goodies that I hope you will like. :)

I hope everyone had a safe & wonderful Halloween.
- Ahlexandria


  1. Ahlex, your costume was super cute. I loved your makeup

  2. I agree. You look super adorable and your make-up is pretty!!!

    Congratulations to the winners!

  3. omg you look so pretty in your costume lol

  4. awe, i can't wait to receive my earrings. :D

  5. Congrats to those lucky ladies, wish it were me haha

    First off your costume is nothing short of DOPE!

    So flipping original and fun--you look awesome girl :)



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