Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A to Z: Get To Know Me

I kind of took this from Steffy, but I had to because I thought it was an awesome way for my readers to get to know other things about me. Sorry Princess, I really enjoyed your choice for a post so I robbed you. LOL.
A – Available: I am available to make earrings for people. ;)
B – Best Friend: I have a few, but Steffy definitely ranks HIGH on that list.
C – Color of Your Room: It's white with a grey stripe across the top of one wall.
D – Dad’s Name: Nandor.
E – Easiest Person To Talk To: 
My cousin Kat.
F – Favorite Food: Sushi/Japanese.
G – Gummy Bears Or Worms:  
H – Hometown: 
Born in one place, raised in the next ghetto of Long Island.
I – Instrument: I used to play the recorded, but my vocal cords are one.

J – Job: 
Living my life as best as I can.
K – Kids:
 My new kitten is good enough for now.
L – Longest Car Ride: 
I think it was 16 hours.
M – Milk Flavor: 
Strawberry (Which reminds me I want some tonight).
N – Number Of Siblings: 
2 half brothers but my youngest is the one I know.
O – One Wish:
 For things to get better.
P – Phobias: 
Centipedes, sleeping with no noise.
Q – Favorite Quote: 
The one on my back in Hungarian - 
“If you can't cherish the little you don't deserve more.”
R – Reason To Smile: My beautiful family, the loves in my life & the support they give.
S – Song You Last Heard: Practice - Drake.
T – Travel:  I go at least once a year to a new place.
U – Unknown Fact About Me: I used to sing really good.
V – Vegetable: Okra, string beans, mushrooms, broccoli rabe. 
W – Worst Habits: Being too blunt at times yet holding things back.
X – X-Rays You’ve Had: Stomach, oral.
Y – Your Favorite Pastime: Making things I think of actually happen.
Z – Zodiac Sign: Gemini.


  1. I really enjoyed this, and I think I will just have to rob YOU ha! Thanks for sharing bits of you with us : )

  2. I agree with Cindia! I also love sushi <3

  3. I liked this as well! Its nice to know more about you

  4. One time for the Gemini's! :) This was a great post love!

  5. Loved this post!

    It's always great getting to know more about the person behind this blog :D I answered this survey a while back too. you can check it out here:

    I hate centipedes :( and I love Japanese food!


  6. CIndia, I'm going to have to spread myself all across the country to all of you!

    Liz, SUSHI IS AMAZING! Come up to NY so we can have some.

    Bri, thank you very much. I loved your video post! :) GEMINIIIIS WOOOOP!

    Daisy, I love your surveys. I just never take the time to do them. I'm glad that you like mine.


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