Thursday, December 1, 2011

December 1st.

The most beautiful woman in the world to me, the reason I am breathing. She is the person who not only has helped me grow into I am & put me through all hell, I couldn't thank her anymore. She is my savior, the one person I know I can turn to first, even if I am scared. She will yell at me but always turn out supporting me. She will love me endlessly, even after there is no me. I can not imagine life without her because at one point she was all that I had.

Mom, I could describe you & share to everyone how much you mean to me, but I doubt they would want to read that novel I'd come up with. Besides being the blood that runs in me, you are my heart entirely! You are an inspiration to me, you show me how driven a single parent can be, how good of a parent someone can be. Even though we've had our many rough patches, you still followed through by being the best mother any child could have. I can look past the negative & build from it because you've shown me you can't always be sour. By being friends with my Father after all that he's done, you showed me some people just deserve courtesy & respect. I have taken pieces of you that I love to have with me & use for my own growth. Even though there are some traits you can keep, lol, I rather know that you will always live within me.

I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday! You look young, because your heart stays young. Although our health tries to bring us down, you out of all people will not allow that to let you continue living your life. Cheers to you & I hope you are enjoying yourself.


I had to you guys - she is my mommy. I am her only one. Tomorrow I will have a list to start off December & end the year right. Have to make sure I get some tasks done & reinforce myself.


  1. Happy Birthday to your beautiful Mom!

    This post made my heart tingle, super sweet :)


  2. This is so sweet.
    Happy birthday Ahlex's mom (:

  3. this is beautiful! <3 i love hearing people have relationships like this with there moms! such love.

    shes is a beauty and you look just like her! :)

  4. Your mom is SO pretty! happy birthday to her <3

  5. Daisy, Dari, Liz, Keys - THANK YOU LADIES! She is my mom dukes & many others to kids who parents couldn't be completely there for them like she was for me.

  6. super sweet ... mothers are the bestest friends any female could ever have ! <3

  7. Jes, thank you. She really is awesome. A pain in the butt but she's the only mom I have & the greatest one I could have. She holds me down.


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