Friday, July 29, 2011


I woke up feeling productive. I got some pictures that I took on trips, vacations, random journies & printed them so I can put them in frames for the living room area of my current home. Shopped for groceries and after putting them away got to go swimming and BBQ. :) I haven't been in a pool this entire summer besides Jamaica, so that definitely was relaxing. The only thing I am upset that didn't happen Sunday was a yoga/stress class I was supposed to take that morning with a friend. Hopefully this upcoming weekend, or next week I can do that, it's more than needed.

I know the picture quality hasn't been good lately. I've been trying to take pictures with my phone and whatever I have in that moment. I havent' taken a picture on my baby GeeMac in forever! I figured I might as well start doing more, even if it means my laptop or my phone. Steffy & I even decided that what we cook (because we cook healthy items but tasty dishes) would be a nice contribution to our blog. I have plenty of ideas, especially a homemade ice tea that I want to add. This week I definitely will. :)

Hope the weekend went well for everyone.
- Ahlexandria

Tuesdays with Morrie.

I just started reading this book yesterday. I am completely addicted to it & would love to live the way this man did, with his mentality. All these books that I've read that are self improvement are just incredible. Although I am no where near done with the book I just wanted to share a quote that I really liked from it: "So many people wlak around with a meaningless life. They seem half-asleep, even when they're busy doing things they think are important. This is because they're chasing the wrong things. The way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you, and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning."

I suggest that everyone grabs this book from Amazon, or even in a thrift like I did. I purchased it for $1.50 after being determined to read it when a girl had it on the train. I honestly would have paid the $15 in a regular book store.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Oh Yellow!

Thrift Shop skirts & clothes are the best. :)

My Hello Kitty Case. Oh & a mirror pic for the oufit.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Design Thanks!

Darianne is completely awesome for helping me come up with 2897328+1 little designs to change up my blog. I like the one she came up with that I have up with the Hello Kitty bow. How cute is that?! She got to read more into me, read my about me section & figured out different little banners to post, as well as backgrounds that would go nice with it. I definitely will be working with her more, especially love reading her blog & how versatile she is. Wish she was closer to have a brunch date, but I guess via internet will have to do for now. She is truly a kind and genuine peson, she wouldn't even except money or anything for her work. So everyone, check her out! :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Post About Tumblr.

I was reading my friend Beans' blog & her friend Gio posted the most amazing thing ever to describe Tumblr & how impersonal it has become for bloggers.
Is getting infested with the same rats that scurry through Facebook and myspace. You cant post anything originally because most people just save it and repost it themselves. Not to mention, people throwing up millions of pictures of themselves and asking people to follow them based on their appearance because they have this desperation for their 15 minutes of fame. And all these ignorant questions and people arguing with others who they haven’t even met. I feel bad for you. I really do, you must not be able to function in society because your so used to having this Internet persona. you know damn well in real life, YOU AINT SHIT. These social networks have seriously mentally impaired our generation. Yeah, you may some slick shit on the Internet but thts excuse you have the biggest resource of knowledge in front of you, you don’t have facial confrontation, and you have time to think about what your going to say. In person 95% of y’all would not even think about saying something you would online. Wether if it’s because your a pussy or because your brain can work fast enough to actually have a comeback.
I know people are probably thinking “so delete your tumblr”. Fuck that! Why don’t you all stop being juvenile losers, go out, explore, and BE YOURSELF.
How beautiful is that?! Exactly what I think of Tumblr, exactly how I feel & many others. I won't be back on Tumblr for a while, even if the amount of followers were a lot more then I'm receiving by moving my .com to Blogger. It happens, but I rather know someone is looking into my blog for what is said, not just pictures of myself & the typical posts being made on pages.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ode to Us!

How can I not love her. All of this madness the day of my birthday, the night before I left to Jamaica. I seriously need more pictures of her & I together. She asked for these pictures & I couldn't help but post them too. :) Dearest Princess Steffy, OH HOW I LOVE THEE! <3

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Posts That Make Me Smile :)

If you aren't already following Steffy you should. The things she has been posting, or what she has been getting asked & how it relates to the friendship her & I have, or should I say "soul-mate-ship?" that we have is remarkable. I couldn't feel more important then how I have by her lately. When it comes to our relationship a lot has come together & we are growing a stronger bond. She is truly someone I consider important and on the high end of the stick in my life.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


"Just Married" at Levis on West 14th.

High Line - small view of NJ.

High Line - View towards the Empire State Building.

High Line - View of the streets.

Piers of NYC facing NJ off 26th Street.

Although the pictures were taken my phone, you can still see the beauty of what I got to walk around & see. Steffy & I took some time to walk around & try to catch the movie. We met up with a few people to see 'Easy A' outdoors, but when Eli & Steph (Eli's wifey) told us that it was cancelled we were a little disappointed. Eli & Steph ended up leaving us & everyone else relaxed near the lawn, talking junk & just enjoying the nice breeze. Nights like these are nothing less than amazing!

Back-dated for the day of the actual photos & outing July 13rd, 2011.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

City Walks & Talks.

When I got a text Sunday night from her I didn't expect it. I was actually shocked that she had even wrote to me two weeks later after I had to visit the ER. I was a bit upset with her, but in the end we are strong & our bond involves a lot more. People will disappoint you & upset you, but it's a matter of over coming it that proves the definition of the relationship you have.

Yesterday evening we got together. She said she wanted to talk about things, she wanted to just enjoy my company. How could I go wrong with spending time with someone who I know that I am guaranteed an amazing time with no matter what we do. It was nice to just hug her, to see her face & most of all to have her open up to me. She's the type of person who doesn't like to speak about what she deals with, but on our 30+ city block journey she shared everything to catch me up. We spoke about the moon, the sky, the grass, even down to the bugs that crawl. She told me she was on a strict diet, so Pinkberry is always a nice cooling, delicious, healthy dessert. It was her first time trying it & her reaction was "It's an orgasum in my mouth!" Then our walk to burn some calories to try & get slurpees but the machine was out of order. You know the feeling of wanting to collapse walking so many blocks, & you see signs that say OUT OF ORDER?! We ended up enjoying an Arizon Green Tea & Ginseng iced tea instead. We walked further downtown & crossed through West 4th to go to the piers. Sitting on the grass, watching the skyline of New Jersey, talking, enjoying the cool breeze from the river was absolutely priceless. I didn't want to leave until she grew an appetite because I really wanted to take her to the insanely healthy & delicious spot. Finally! I knew her tummy was grumbling & wanted to eat. We walked back towards West 4th, hopped into a dope bar we like to have $4 Soco-lime shots & left to walk a block over to Red Bamboo. Red Bamboo is unexplainable! They're food there is incredibly tasty, but it's vegan/vegetarian. I knew she would like everything, she even tried new things & vegetables, but it was all perfect for her diet. Once we stuffed our faces, had a nice glass of wine, I walked her to the train, hugged & told her I'd speak to her soon. I walked myself to the train & thats where our journey ended.

Now if you're reading this you probably think I'm writing about my ex, but I'm honestly not. I'm talking about my friend Stefanie, which if you've read a previous post I made, is someone extremely important in my life. We had a little falling out, but it was unintentional, but hurt me a lot. After we spoke, got to spend time together, even texted one another when we got into our final destinations, we just knew that we will have one another no matter what happens. Steffy is honestly a person who has shown me a lot about myself, shown me that I am impatient & I do get angry over things without knowing the other side sometimes. & as much as I try to be level headed about things, I do let things get the best of me. She is strong, beautiful & fills this gap that has never been ventured in my life. I love her & I love the relationship her & I have. I can say she is truly someone I would hate to lose, & after our nice night together, I wouldn't let that happen, even if it was close to.

Sorry for the quality of the pictures they were taken with my phone.

Monday, July 11, 2011


This from my first shoot.
What kills me is how things from two years ago will always come up because of the internet. Am I mad? In no way would I be. I can honestly sit here & say that when I did work with Chandler & ShortyPop back in 2009 it was an awesome experience. I remember my first shoot I had my friend Beans there with me. She was completely supportive of me showing my body & just having fun. My second shoot I actually had a 'Girl on Girl' shoot with Jesicka. Now that - THAT WAS MY FAVORITE! Obviously because it was with a gorgeous female, but at the same time because Jesicka & I just did whatever & enjoyed all that it was. The video Chandler has posted on YouTube was pretty awesome, especially the kiss we had going. I got to kiss her several times, might I add, it's fun kissing your straight friends. :)

My second shoot with Jesicka.
So this morning when I saw a Polaroid of myself going around so much time later & it exposing my body, I thought to myself "Wow! That was me when I just turned 21. What a way to go into that year." LOL. I really had all the support, even from my mother. Like she said "Screw it you live once, just do it!" I did! & I regret not one moment because it was all such an enjoyable experience. More than anything looking at that picture this morning it made me realize something about myself; I really didn't care about my body then, I felt good about it. I was so into just doing whatever & not caring, that I see it now & say "I'm too scared to even consider doing that." I guess my health (although I was sick then) took a greater toll on me within the past year. It made me more conscience about what I do & what I show. Not for one second though do I not look at the pictures that I have & the picture that is posted & tell myself, "DAMN, I REALLY WAS BALLSY!" Not a slut, a whore, tricking around at all - at that time I was even dating someone who said it would be awesome to do. I just felt FREE! & that sense of freedom about myself, about my body, I haven't had in a long time.

Now to people who are posting it, or blogging it, they might see it as something else. That doesn't bother me, I'm fine with that. But I can say when I did that I got to be apart of something that was hype at the moment & even a girl in Cali purchased a damn polaroid of Jesicka & I kissing. Before ShortyPop was purchased by Supreme in March of 2010, I got to do something I felt was liberating. Everyone is different, people will see it differently, but looking at that picture I am proud that I did a half nude shoot. Hey, it is what it is. I feel I have no reason to be ashamed, it was an experience in my life that I can now look at & remember two years ago & how it all went down.

Good morning everyone!
- Ahlexandria

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Colors.

Sunday Colors. by Ahlexandria
Sunday Colors. a photo by Ahlexandria on Flickr.

I was told that colors can help a person cheer up. I've been needing a lot of cheering up, but I am taking it all for what it is. I can't do anything about what has happened, but work on the future before me.

Although I have a small bald spot now, I can still let my hair loose into a fro. I love how free it makes me feel, even though the sun beaming on it can get me hot. My curls are apart of me. I honestly just enjoy messing with them & going on about my day.

My cousin Kat has always been such a big part of my life. I can honestly say without her a lot would be different, I would probably have thrown in the towel a long time ago. There are plenty of people who have helped me, but my cousin (who is my Dad's niece) is like my sister. We are a year & a half apart & we were each other's best friends growing up & we still are tighter than ever. Since she went to Rhode Island for school and stayed there for a few years she hasn't been around. Now she's been 29843% there for me & apart of what I deal with. I couldn't more appreciative than I am now for her wanting to be going through this journey with me. She said she's been missing around for so long & now she doesn't want to miss not one moment. I love her for even just texting "I love you & I hope you're ok today." Seriously just the little things.

The weekend is over, back to the hectic week.
- Ahlexandria

Friday, July 8, 2011


My name plate has been with me since I was 11 years old.
I wonder what would happen if I made a post every Friday with some kind of topic & it was all called TGIF? I think it would be interesting, but I would have to think of a topic every Friday that involves or relates to the previous on, but with a different edge.

I guess I've gotten used to just snapping a picture with my phone & posting it as apart of my blog for the day. Nothing spectacular about this outfit, it is Friday.

I still have pictures that I need to post from my trip to Jamaica, videos as well. I also wanted to post the pictures I had from my Fourth of July weekend. I will put them up on Flickr, then post them up on here hopefully in one blog post instead of just individual ones. I still have to get the hang of Flickr, I want to build on my gallery that I have on there. The great thing about Flickr is the fact that I can look for people by the camera they use, or they ideas they have & be inspired, or just enjoy what they have done.

I will do my best to not be lazy & post some of these things later on today. Let's see how it all works out. Other then that I hope everyone at least enjoys the day - rain or shine.
- Ahlexandria

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Did You Paint Today?!

I honestly can say I really liked this loosely fitted H&M dress. It was longer towards the back then it was in the front & had two slits on the side. I just threw it together with a belt & some flats that I had that were a tan/beige color.

*Health Update: I get really bloated because of the issues that I have. So items like this help me stay comfortable & not feel to pressed into an attire. I know I've been losing hair more than usual, but I constantly treat it with olive oil items and use only a little bit of gel when it's needed & hair spray. BUT this morning when I was doing my hair I noticed that I had a bald spot. A nice bald spot sitting there; thin hair, bald spot, how lovely! I cried, I won't say that I didn't. Now I have to look into a new doctor closer to where I recently moved. It's scary, I don't know if many people can understand how scary it is. If it's not one thing with my health it's another. I just started taking antibiotics for my severe sinus infection, but everything else feels like it wants to collapse. I guess this is what I meant to live with & deal with. Let's see what doctor I can find in my new area that will be able to take care of me. I also have to look into a specialist with my new health insurance, since the one I was suggested is no where near me & doesn't take the new insurance that I have. Oh dear life!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Floral Is In, Right?!

It's a nice easy post that I can make each day, well mostly Monday-Friday, especially if I throw something together. I'll probably be wearing this again soon. It's a sweater-blazer with a floral top that has purple lace on the back underneath. I wore it with some jeans and teal sandals.

I'm not sure if it's odd the way I take the pictures of what I wear. Am I supposed to be taking pictures of myself as well? Eh, as long as it's an idea of what someone so fashionless as myself puts together. I mean anyone can dress themselves, but if you like what you wear I guess it is nice to share with others. I was comfortable & really liked the colors. OH COLORS! :)

UPDATE* - I went to Best Buy to see if I could fix my camera. Apparently all that it needed was to try out. It works for now. I still have the warrenty & coverage for it, so let's see what happens. I got the video from the ziplining on my computer, now it's a matter of uploading it. That & the few pictures I did get from my trip to Jamaica. Hopefully it'll all be posted soon. I won't back-date the pictures, but I will post the dates they were taken. I cleaned out my Flickr so that should be a big help with everything.

I noticed I never put a contact information on my blog. I have an about me, but no way of people contacting me. The icons on the side are useful, but useless. I don't have a Tumblr anymore or Twitter, they are both blank. I have a Youtube that I should probably post up there. Sigh, in time it will come together. Maybe even a new layout.

- Ahlexandria