Thursday, October 27, 2011


I know the other day I posted up about a give away to the 100th follower. Well people are playing around a bit so they could be the 100th follower, so I decided to change it up a bit! ;)

As you can see I did a 1-50 follower give away. I literally am putting names in a hat from the 1st-50th follower & going to give them a pair of earrings that I made. I decided this would be great to do with follower 51-100. I know who is the 50th follower, I've kept track. So this should be interesting on how it works out. I figured a random pick will give more people a chance & also my Twitter would gain more followers.

So if you aren't already following, I suggest that you do: Twitter.Com/Ahlexandria

Good luck! :)

P.S. Did a small update on Etsy. I will be adding more by tomorrow. I also am going to making shipments on recent purchases tomorrow. :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I have so much updating to do on this blog it's a bit ridiculous. I've been clueless on what I should write on here & this is my primary blog. If you've been following me on Tumblr, you'll notice my random Instagram posts. I am now expanding (once again) networking wise & I recreated a Twitter account. GASP!

I figured if I want to make this blog more of a read & want people to see what I do with my hobby; I need to go back to networking more instead of worrying about people's stupidity on networking sites. If you follow my Twitter you will see my Instagram posts (which if you have Instagram you should follow me on there), as well as updates on when new earrings are posted on Etsy.

Currently I am doing a give away to the person who is my 100th follower. I think every time I get to the hundredth (ie: 200, 300) follower, I will offer them a customized pair of earrings.

This blog will get some new buttons on the side: Etsy, Twitter & a new e-mail that everyone can contact me at besides my G-mail (Ahlexandria@Ymail.Com).

Let's see how this all turns out. I will be back dating some posts, so stay tuned. :)
- Ahlexandria

Sunday, October 16, 2011

October 16th.

Definitely just had to make a vlog about why I don't need to do much texting anymore with the help of my new iPhone 4S. It's a great feature, especially Siri as a whole.

I know the look is really raw, but personally it is what it is, this is me on a Sunday. :)

If anyone has an iPhone & has apps that they like, please do share. I'm always interested in new apps & I like to review them. Also, those are some good apps for the rest of you to use. I'm still iffy about 2 of them, but for the most part that's what I use (not including the games I have)

Happy NFL Sunday everyone!
- Ahlexandria

Friday, October 14, 2011

Relieved In A Way.

I feel some sense of relief. Although it may not have been the normal thing to do, I had to do it. I was holding it in for far to long, it wasn't letting me move on with my life. This grudge that I had let build up inside of me, letting it eat me - but for what?! This girl didn't do anything to me, because who am I to her?! I am a nobody. My ex though, she was someone important to me & for her to turn to her burned me. While trying to fix things with me, while trying to make things "better" between us, she runned to her because I couldn't find the way to give her all of me; the love, the attention, the comfort that she wanted because I was inflicted with all this pain that we had caused to one another.

It's sad. It honestly is that so many months later I still cry about it. I cry about things because I can't believe they happened, or that loving me wasn't enough. It held us there for so long, but on this thin thread that eventually tore apart. As hopeless as I was, & still am, I can't let my emotions for my ex make me hate this young girl. I can't hate either or them, I don't have the hate in me, I just rather share how I feel & hopefully with her understanding I can feel better.

This all seems crazy, all seems so odd for me to even mention, even to bring up to her. I had to though, I needed to get that sense of relief that I shared how I felt. Even if it comes from no where, out of the blue, I know it's what I needed to do (for myself mostly). She seems like a wonderful person, she's a great parent & she's intelligent. Someone so positive as that, my ex deserves in her life, deserves to make her happy! I only want the best for my ex, for anyone that has come into my life. & although the past can not be forgotten, I know I can move on with a clear mind & a less weighed down heart.

Hopefully what I needed to do has helped me.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

October 9th.

Sold items within hours of posting & creating Etsy. :)

AE jean jacket, ripped shorts, Grey Griffey's, Tribal tank & studded purse.

I found this in a bin. :)

NYC from NJ.

Pride event in NJ.

Sunday - what an eventful day. Out all day wearing a pair of earrings I made. Going to the Pride event that they had, as well as enjoy the view that was right behind it all.

Within 24 hours I had sold 4-5 earrings. I am proud of the outcome & will continue to post new items once a week. I am still taking requests & working on requests. As usual everything is hectic.



Ladies & Gents,
You do not know how exhausted I am. I am absolutely excited for my shop that I just opened up on Etsy (click the link to check it out). I posted several earrings for now, but I am going to do my best to get more up. It's very hard to do it on your own - any of you who are doing your shops alone, I admire you! Hopefully you all enjoy. I am still taking requests but will post new earrings on Etsy as well.

Le Sigh! I can't even thank everyone who has helped motivate & support me through this. I was determined & I made it all happen. Now I want to make sure I keep adding new items & gain new followers & loyal customers.

Time to relax.
xo's - Ahlexandria. <3

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Tomorrow my online shop WILL be open. I'm determined to have it up by Midnight if not by 8am EST. LMAO. Trust me when I say, this is going to be hard work, today will be a very strenuous day. I'm going to make sure to post new earring idea I have in mind + some of you've already seen. I hope that you all check it out once I get everything posted up! :)

Friday, October 7, 2011

October 7th.

Leopard mocassins, with an oversized thermal that was tucked in & a mustard stripped blazer.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

October 6th.

Keeping this a simple post for the day. Have a lot to get done before Sunday. Hopefully it all comes together accordingly. I really can't stop thanking people for being as supportive as they have been, it has been motivating me to continue doing what I'm doing.

It's too cold for me. I am wearing my leggings under my khakis, with a jean shirt & a grey sweater underneath. As you can see I'm trying to break in my leopard shoes. :)

Friday is tomorrow - I'm hoping Steffy comes & spends the weekend with me, she's like the manager of this entire project going on.

xo's - Ahlexandria

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

October 5th.

Drained, drained, drained.
Back to work I go tomorrow. Took two days because I was feeling completely out of it, I get sick quick & I needed the time. I'm continuing with my goals, but one is a bit of a struggle. I'm working on it though.

I did though straighten my hair as I intended in one of my goals. It also got cut! Took about 3-4 inches off. It was down to my bra strap in the back, but it was completely dead. So now when I have my curls it'll be extra, mega short!

I hope all is going well for everyone on "Hump Day!"
- Ahlexandria

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

October 4th.

I took some time off for myself. My body is honestly on the verge of giving up on me & I can't deal with it. I feel depressed, stressed out & over-thinking a lot of things that I shouldn't. I need to let it all just fall in place & stop wondering. If I know I'm doing my best, how much more can I push myself? It's a matter of trying to the best of your ability, not killing yourself over it.

A nice part of today was the package I received in the mail. It put a smile on my face. I need new flats & skips. Gradually I will build up on fall/winter clothes & items. I really need some thicker material clothes, but for a good price. I need to find some more thrift stores & deals.
Leopard print hard bottom flats. Tribal design skips. Leopard print moccasins.
I hope everyone had an amazing day. By the end of the week I'm hoping some things fall together for me. Either way, I have to keep going with my day to day.

Monday, October 3, 2011

October 3rd.

Each post this month will consist of the day it is written on. This is just to go along with a the daily photo that I am doing with Steffy, as well as not knowing what a title could possibly be. Creativity is going to lack in some places when it needs to be put else where at the moment lol.

As for being creative. . .
I have to thank the majority of you that have contacted me about the earrings. It seriously has helped me & inspired me to do more. I get ideas from all of you, I feed off of what you all have to say. Negative & positive remarks are great, at least it's feedback. No response to what you are doing means that you might be doing something wrong.

Caramel-Vanilla Macchiato
Funniest thing on Instagram when I posted this picture: "They spelled your name wrong." I know it was a joke, but seriously, people are so used to using my name with the H. It's quite interesting how long it's been with me. Anyways, Starbucks was definitely a 'picker-upper' today. I feel completely out of it, but still am trying to achieve my goals. 3 earrings minimum a night, let's see which 3 I will be working on today.
Hope everyone's Monday is going well.
- Ahlexandria

Sunday, October 2, 2011

October 2nd.

I've noticed that lately I've been using old techniques & aquiring new ones to make my earrings. They have sort of the same "style"/"look", but are different than the last. I'm excited for the Etsy shop to be up & running next Sunday. I hope it gets great feedback!

Also, I noticed that there have been comments left & I haven't gotten back to several you. I do apologize, but going forward all comments I post I will reply to. If anyone does need anything outside of the blog, or just wants to say "Hi", my e-mail is on the side. :)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

October 1st.

While reading Steffy's new blog I decided that I'd like to join her in some of what she shared. It is October first. It is time to set a monthly goal, or set things up where you begin on a fresh little chapter. Every month we all can gather up what we'd like to do or continue on what we'd like to work on. I decided to make a list as well:

  • Get my Etsy up by Sunday the 9th.
  • Have a photo for each day of the month.
  • Attempt to add more water to my diet.
  • Find new ways of cooking different meals.
  • Straighten my hair at least once this month.
  • Do one test a week for my college courses.
  • Make 3-5 earrings a day.
  • Get back to messages within 24 hours of receiving them.
  • Find positive outlooks.
  • Pick a new book to pick up and read.
  • Go on some of Steffy's journeys that she had planned.
Just a brief little overview of what it is I want to achieve. I think I am capable of doing so & I have already started my next coursework for school. I'm making sure that I take notes & do what I feel will help me remember everything. I am trying to maintain a 3.5 GPA or higher. Let's see!

Happy 1st of October!
- Ahlexandria