Saturday, January 7, 2012


It seems to have the weirdest effects on some people.

Growing up around people who drank, to see how they would act. To see how things ended up in my home, how out of hand things got. Then to work in clubs, to bartend & see how people couldn't handle themselves because of the excessive drinking. It really does make you rethink of much you should drink, or who to associate yourself with when they drink.

Last night was a bit insane because although not my close friends, it's just the level that things got because of alcohol. Young females fighting with one another, abusive, all because alcohol completely changes them. For me to find one stranded, come back to the town we live in, for me to stop the violence that could have occurred. Due to the alcohol, the reactions, the words that were said to one another, the fists that were thrown.

People shouldn't drink if they are going to act like that. If they're going to drink it should be to a limitation. The fact that someone can go to that extent. It's completely mind blowing!

Self control is important. Just because you have self control & composure doesn't mean you can't have fun. It's all about enjoying yourself, but not allowing something like alcohol to have control over you.


  1. Self control is very important when it comes to alcohol.
    You shouldn't drink if you can't hold it. You shouldn't drink if you're going to act a fool, and embarrass yourself.
    I've seen what it can do to people, and won't let it consume me, as it did to those.

  2. this is know way to often. one of the main reasons my goal is to stay sober......... ish lol

  3. I agree with you on this one. self control is very important. I'm sorry to hear about friends fighting. I highly dislike violence and feel like that should be the last resort, if any at all. thanks for sharing this! not a lot of people think about things like this when they drink. I used to drink socially but due to something that happened to me physically, I've stopped and I'm still the same happy girl when i go to parties :]

  4. Yeah, I grew up with an alcoholic parent, and I believe that that's why I don't abuse alcohol. Idk how people can drink A LOT. I mean, to each their own, but alcohol is very dangerous. Especially to us women. I'm glad that I made that choice, because we all know that it could go 1 way or the other with some people. Be careful when u go out, people act stupid when drinking.

  5. It does...unfortunately I had to learn all of this the hard way. I know from personal experience, people choose to lose control to wash away pain or hurt, and they use the alcohol to drown out those things, at least temporarily. I was that person too at one point and it's a road I never want to go down again.

    good post.

    -Chymere H.

  6. Ladies,
    Self control is very important. Whether we had to deal with it ourselves, our parents did, or someone we love did - it's hard to see that struggle. Once someone you love or you are involved with it it is hard to get out of.

    The best thing I can do is learn from it all. I'm glad that I never let myself down that path entirely. It's also stopped me from consuming so much alcohol.


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