Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Face Products Pt. 1

I know I said last year that I would make a post about some of my facial cleansers & products. It's always nice to come across a blog that has things that you can relate to: their opinions on products you'd like to use or never thought of using. I chose one product that not only I, but Steffy, have been abusing lately.

When it says it "tingles" & "refreshes", it sure does do that! I either use this in the morning &/or at night while I'm getting ready for my day or bed. It's really just nice when you leave it on for 3-5 minutes, or at least until it dries up. Once you wash it off (I personally use cold/warm water for my pores),  you will feel that sensation that the bottle is describing. The facial cleanser goes anywhere from $3-6 in this size in any Rite Aide or drug store. It's worth the money, as well as some of their other products.

Hopefully posts like this can help others. My face isn't the clearest of them all, but I really do have a cleanser for the morning & at night. I also have astringents that I have as well as moisturizers. I have a big bin & things hidden in the house of different items that I purchase, especially on sale.

If anyone tries this, or uses it please let me know.

FYI: Hot water opens up pores. When you get out the shower you should rinse your face with cold water. Also when cleansing your face you should use cold/warm water so the pores to not open up. Open pores can collect dirt and cause blackheads & pimples.


  1. I already used Noxzema (:
    I use it to take my makeup off.

  2. i tried a noxzema facial cleanser (cant remember the exact name) but it gave me a bad rash that i had to see a doctor about. i never used the products since! i have sensitive skin and a lot of products cause a reaction for me.. but i look forward to seeing what you use & maybe trying them :)

  3. Dari don't let me forget. I might post one item I use each week & items I've purchased that I have yet to use. But don't let me forget to post the make-up removers that I like.

  4. Yes, it's hard when you have sensitive skin. I had that problem with some items, but others I really enjoy. I will post the ones I use for sensitive skin. :)

  5. I've heard wonders and I used to use it. It's really good!


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