Friday, January 6, 2012

Fan Mail?

Not that I should be talking about Tumblr on here, but some of us do have Tumblr aside from our "main" or personal blogs. Now Tumblr is like the popularity contest of blogs. In all honestly it is hard to find a very good blog to read & catch up on on Tumblr. But now with all these different changes going on to just make it worse for the natural bloggers.

Tumblr is the new Myspace of blogging. It makes people feel they have to constantly; reblog, get likes, post too many pictures of themselves that are hip, & answer tons of anonymous questions that are pointless. Now to create this fan mail option & on top of it to call it that. For that allow messages to be unlimited for people who want to show their "love". Like in all honestly who the hell gets "Tumblr famous" that has substance on their page?

Pardon my mini rant, I'm just wow'd by how that site has changed drastically. How people now feel the need to sit in front of their screens to get more attention by being someone online verses being themselves.

/end rant.



  1. I don't understand the feature, its the same thing as the inbox, just with a fancy piece of paper?

  2. This is so true! Tumblr IS the myspace of blogging. I used to be obsessed to go on and see "pretty pictures" but now I honestly just go on to find Justin Timberlake pictures to put as my phone wallpaper :/ sick, I know.

  3. Happy three kings to you as well and I get what you mean about TUMBLR and it sucks.


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