Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year, New Ideas.

Apparently I completely forgot what it's like to keep up with a blog. Thanks to Steff convincing me in creating a blog post every single day, I am challenging myself to keep up with my .com. As hard as it is to think about what to post, I am going to try to do my best to not only share myself, but keep my readers entertained.

I am trying to figure out ways of organizing this blog, as well as getting a look that I will be completely happy with. Thanks to the many people who have been helping me put my blog together; Keys & Dari, I can say it is motivating me more to want to make sure my blog is on the up & up.

It's hard to gather my thoughts to put together posts because I don't want to bore anyone. At the same time though blogging is for me & sharing it with everyone is just my own way of reaching out. With that said, whatever I do over the next year will be my way of reflecting back. Whether it is the words I type up, the photos that I take, the growth of myself or the people in my life, it will be on here for me to see.

So here goes to day three of updating everyone, sharing what is in store this upcoming year.

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  1. Your blog looks super pretty, I think that also helps with motivation for blogging more. I have to hook mine up "/ did anyone help you with your layout?

    Happy new year girlie! I hope you sell tons of earrings this year, and succeed in everything you do.

  2. ever since finishing my 365 i find blogging to be more difficult! lol but im gonna try and blog as much also! i look forward to seeing your post AND lonnnngggg to see LOTS of pictures from you !

  3. Cindia, actually Jaelle is helping me with my layout (http://www.jaellexo.com/). She's definitely great at me being a pain in the butt. Also amorkeys.com is always great at helping. Those two are amazing!

    The look does make a difference. I am going between so many things that I don't know what the hell I want it to look like & I feel bad because I'm driving Dari absolutely CRAZY!

  4. KEYYYYS! I am hoping I can tackle this & try to have new ideas come forth here & there to create new blogs. I am trying to find ways of making my blog more inviting as well.

  5. i like the new blog! I hope to see more of you :]


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