Sunday, January 29, 2012

Slowly. . .

It's slowly coming together! As you all can see it's getting its own touch. There's more to add, things to hang up & this is just my room. Steff's room is coming along as well. We moved into here just saying lets take what we have & then gradually buy things that we need. That is exactly what we've been doing; IE: That futon that I had gotten when I moved into the old place is in her room with her furniture & it's still so relaxed. It made the setting in her room at such a high level. In my room I am trying to add some other items just to finish it up. Once we're done with our rooms we are going to focus on the living room, then the guest room/office & lastly the kitchen. I know the order seems weirds, but it's like buy something here, add it, get something for there, add it.

I love the fact that our apartment uses only two of the same colors but each room speaks volumes of it's own, makes you feel at ease in so many different ways. The dynamics of these rooms, sigh I love it!

I will continue to update everyone on how the apartment is looking. I know you saw it a week ago & above is what it looks like now. :) Two-thirds of the way there.

As for my "To Try" list, I am going to continue with the 5 photos a week, sending out e-mails for features. I also want to attempt to cook a new dish this week since we recently have gotten some items for our parents to help with cooking. I need to add one about the apartment, so...unpacking another 4 boxes. Lastly of my "To Try" list I am determined to make Steff's birthday in six days, AMAZING!

So much to do so much do - not to even mention new jewelry ideas that I am going to come out with & start selling in the next two-three weeks! =X

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.


  1. First and foremost, congratulations on the move. I just moved into my very own apartment yesterday and we see eye to eye of the stress it can put on someone. Your room is coming along well. I love your media station and your bed is amazing. I'm looking into new bedframes. Is that IKEA? I did the same thing you guys did, moved in everything I had and slowly purchasing items to fill my little place up. I wish you and your roommates well. Oh, this is my first comment on your blog! :)

    I'll get better at this thing. As soon as I have some internet!


  2. Your bed looks comfy. I like your little entertainment center. I can't wait to see it when your finally finished!

  3. the room is coming around so good! i love the way it's looking. little by little is the best way to go! i find when i buy alot of shit at once i end up not liking the outcome lol. can't wait to see the photos!

  4. Congrats on the move! I love the set up!


  5. The room looks amazing and I love the colors you chose!!!

    That plant is super adorable :]
    I'm getting one in Ikea in a few weeks!

  6. I really like it. The plant, and the wall unit!

  7. OHHHH!

    I love the funk-sway of your room. That teal is so relaxing and the wooden bed frame--wow congratulations ladies [=


  8. it looks SUPER cozy!! I want to just cuddle up in your pretty bed and watch movies all day <3 <3 I also love those shelves (i think they are shelves) by the tv! SUPER cute


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