Monday, January 2, 2012

Steffy & Red Stripe

Steffy & Red Stripe by Ahlexandria
Steffy & Red Stripe a photo by Ahlexandria on Flickr.

I have to start getting back into the hang of just picking up my camera. The other night I got to mess with the camera, & Steffy ended up being my model for the night. Of course our usual Red Stripe night & just great laughs.

Let's hope I can share more of the random photos that I take.


  1. Steffy is so pretty!
    Yay, use your camera more (:

  2. Dari, I'm going to try.

    & Keys, she really is isn't she? She needs to let me take more photos of her.

  3. Liz, she really is. I want to shoot more of her.

    Alex, thank you doll. :)


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