Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day + Challenge!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
I hope everyone enjoyed themselves with their crush, the ones they love, or even just enjoying the time they had for themselves. Valentine's Day is another day of the year, but for some a special day to show how much they love someone. To me, that should be shown every chance you get. Either way though, I enjoyed mine with the ones I love dearly.

The picture in this post has to do with the challenge idea I had. Now I know it might be a little hard, but I came up with the idea by reading some photography blogs. Although the picture that I took in the bubble bath, the concept is "sensual".

The keyword for this challenge is SENSUAL.
You must take THREE pictures that show the keyword in your eyes.
When you take these photos you will LINK them to a COMMENT.
In the comment you will leave your e-mail address to contact you.
Seems pretty simple right?! But yet finding things that speak out SENSUAL may be hard.
Counts for +5 points. But creativity can win completely!

Extra points:
Must publicly follow me on Blogger +1.
If you follow me on Twitter +1.
If you follow me on Tumblr +1.
If you give me a video idea +2.
If you make a post about this on your blog +2. Put the post link as well in the comment.

This challenge will be closed by Sunday, February 19th at 5pm 11pm MIDNIGHT EST.

There will be TWO winners.
Each winner will get a $10 gift card to Amazon or any selected website of their choice.

Hopefully I get some creative photos from all of you who enter the challenge.

xo's - Ahlexandria


  1. My entry! I laaavvvv you ♥


  2. My entry (:


  3. here's my post: http://www.amorkeys.com/2012/02/beautiful-ahlex-word-sensual.html
    :) i'm pretty sure i'm following you in every way possible! and video ideas from me is for you to do a in depth "about me", a tour of your house/bedroom, a pet peeves video maybe? love you mama :)

  4. Here's my post: http://yogiibear.tumblr.com/post/17925428378

    And my email is: bshields.co@gmail.com


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