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Every about me holds some kind of valuable information on the person who blogs. People also speak in third person almost as if it’s is a biography written on them. I guess I wanted to take a different approach. Normally it would be so simple to write about yourself, but it’s the things you’d never ask that I rather share then to share the simple things.

My name is Alexandria. Ahlexandria is my way of differentiating myself from every other Alex in this world. I am a young (if being in your 20’s is still considered young), open minded female, who likes to view things in another light from others. I enjoy sharing what I feel, think and see because readers may be able to relate to it. I am far from a writer, I’m not an English major & to be honest I could care less if my grammar isn’t what you expected it to be. As long as you can read & understand what it is I am trying to say, then that is what matters.

I am infatuated with several things:
1) Hello Kitty. You’d probably say “Well everyone is now a days.” NO! This has been going on for years, but people seem to have picked up on how cute she really is.
2) Math. Numbers are riveting. They do something to mind, they challenge me. What I love about math is that there is usually more than one way to solve a problem, & that is the same concept with life itself.
3) Sushi. I know this has to be random, what I am infatuated with it, but those who know me, KNOW that I can have this delicious, mouth watering, little pieces of raw fish every day.

I want to make a note: I am not a photographer. I do takes photos as a hobby, as something I enjoy. What I see I want to take a picture of. If you’re curious as to what camera I use, you can go on my Flickr & all the information is located on there.

Also, I am not a fashionista. I rather consider myself fashionless & a person who buys what she wants. I wear what I like, put things together that I feel look well paired & that is it. There is no need for me to try & be something I’m not. I will though share what I purchased, especially if it is at a great price.

Not everyone is the same. I may seem like the average blogger, but the difference is – even with 1 follower or 2,000 followers I will still write, share, post how it is I want to. I appreciate those who do follow me, who keep up with my madness, & those who give me their feedback.

If you’d like to keep in touch here are other ways of contacting me:
via E-mail: Ahlexandria@Gmail.Com | Instagram: Ahlexandria | Twitter: @Ahlexandria

Thank you for following and enjoy!
– Ahlexandria

If you’re interested in foodie blogs, you should take time to check out SmallChicksBigEats.Com. This is a food blog I founded in 2012 and have seen grown into something pretty darn cool. You’ll be able to get recipes, tips & tricks plus ideas of what to do and where to go. Be sure to follow and subscribe.

NFL Sunday’s + iPhone Apps!

First & foremost:
To those who lost someone during 9/11/01 or because of 9/11, my love goes out to you & your family. A decade has passed & time hasn’t healed all wounds.
IT’S THAT TIME OF SEASONNNNN! I’m a big fanatic of football. I can watch all games & enjoy each one. I honestly don’t have a favorite team, there are some I prefer to watch, but I do keep up with the games and the players. All the games from today were absolutely great!
iPhone Apps:
I also downloaded new apps onto my iPhone. You will see some posts from my iPhone & especially those from the new Blogger app they finally have. Hopefully it’ll be easier to keep up with, just like it is with my Tumblr. I have all these different photography apps: Instagram (@Ahlexandria), some collage app, an editing app (to brighten the iPhone photos) & then this cool app called Pose. If you have an iPhone & have Instagram follow me: @Ahlexandria. Pose though are for OOTD type of posts. It’s similar to Instagram, but involves outfits, stores you purchased it from, the prices & comments. I joined it because it’s like a Lookbook but easier. Same name as everything else: @Ahlexandria – if you decide to download it.
Let’s see how the Blogger app works out for me. I have to mess with it.
Happy Sunday everyone! Hope your weekends were all enjoyable.
- Ahlexandria