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1st of February & It’s a Wednesday!

So you already know what that means….BLOG FEATURES!
I did this a while ago & growing to know so many people I decided I had to do it again. There are so many talented people out there, so many interesting people, I couldn’t hesitate with the idea at all. I promised that after my “surprise” (which was moving into a new place) was in progress I’d start adding more to my blog. Now that we have been in the apartment for two weeks & still not completely settled in, I can’t let this slip by.
My FIRST feature for this year is a lovely blogger-friend of mine, Elizabeth. I personally enjoy reading her posts about life, her beautiful daughter & how she’s evolving. Her blog has a personal touch, with a hint of “Hey everyone, join in on the action.” She reaches out to her readers in a creative way with her recap photos & bullets of updates & goals.
I sent Liz an e-mail of questions that I was curious about, but also for everyone else to get to know her better. Enjoy! :)
This is Liz & her gorgeous little one Bee. One of the many reasons I love her blog.

Blog NameBee

Your Name: Elizabeth :]
A brief bio about yourself: Hello! I’m a twenty four year old stay at home mom. I live in sunny Florida. I love taking photos, reading and painting as my past-time. I have a soon to be 4 year old daughter nicknamed bee.I have my AA in Psychology and I’m in love with the man of my dreams.
Why did you choose your blog name?: I chose “Bee” because it’s my daughter’s nickname. This blog is for her, a glimpse of her toddler years so she can see when she’s older.

What makes your blog original?: Hmm. I would have to say it’s simplicity. I always keep it nice and simple :]

Are you different in real life from your blog?: Of course not. I’m an extremely candid person and I feel it’s only fair to myself to keep it real on my blog as I do in real life.

Who gives you inspiration?: Blogger friends & life.

What is one goal that you’ve accomplished recently?: I graduated with an Associates in Arts from Miami Dade College.

Is there anything that you’re excited about?: Our upcoming trip to Disney World! She’s been asking for the past few weeks and I want to make our little girl happy.

What would you say to people (whether it’s life related, or anything)?: “Never regret. If it’s good, it’s wonderful. If it’s bad, it’s experience.” -Victoria Holt
Isn’t she just lovely?!
If you want to get in touch with Liz, you can check her blog BeeYum.Blogspot.Com or you can e-mail her at ElizabethMedina87@Hotmail.Com. She’s a great e-pal & definitely someone you can have conversation with. Knowing that she’s a young mom & raising her daughter to be so creative & think on her own, I completely commend her. Check her & Bee out!

New Year, New Ideas.

Apparently I completely forgot what it’s like to keep up with a blog. Thanks to Steff convincing me in creating a blog post every single day, I am challenging myself to keep up with my .com. As hard as it is to think about what to post, I am going to try to do my best to not only share myself, but keep my readers entertained.

I am trying to figure out ways of organizing this blog, as well as getting a look that I will be completely happy with. Thanks to the many people who have been helping me put my blog together; Keys & Dari, I can say it is motivating me more to want to make sure my blog is on the up & up.

It’s hard to gather my thoughts to put together posts because I don’t want to bore anyone. At the same time though blogging is for me & sharing it with everyone is just my own way of reaching out. With that said, whatever I do over the next year will be my way of reflecting back. Whether it is the words I type up, the photos that I take, the growth of myself or the people in my life, it will be on here for me to see.

So here goes to day three of updating everyone, sharing what is in store this upcoming year.

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