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If you’ve noticed I’ve been trying my best to keep up with my blog & add all varieties to reach out to all kinds of readers. It has been interesting trying to do a “365” blog, but I have decided to just have selected days of blogging. Every Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday I plan on having a blog posted. If I do blog other days they are extras, some exceptions.

I also will be trying to add more photography as well as going back into personal blogging this year. It’s going to be a slight challenge, but my thoughts will go down more. I want to get to do some more features, or additional features with different questions to showcase; bloggers, artists, gurus & great people. It’s always nice to network & get to know others. Why not pick selected people to go on your blog that others would be interested in?!

Did I mention I am going to continue posting about outfits that I throw together. Once again, I am NO fashionista…it is nice though to be able to see what someone can do with things & how they view clothes & styles. On top of it I do get great prices on the things I wear. IE:

Thursday: My super awesome navy Hello Kitty sweater I got for Christmas from Steffy I felt went well with my tweed tan shorts. I threw on some navy tights & my high tan boots Jazz gave me. Steffy also got me that awesome red bag from Old Navy & my mom got me my lovely watch.
Another thing I want to add is a weekly “try” list. Thanks to Brit & her idea of a “bucket list”, I am going to create 5 things I want to try, do or even fulfill this week on Sundays. At the end of the week or the following Sunday (considering a Saturday post) I will tell you which one I chose to do & how it went.

“Try” List:
- Write down ideas for new jewelry.
- Read the next chapter of the school work.
- Complete a test for my school work.
- Eat veggies & drink water all day.
- Take the camera out & get 10 shots.
Lets see how it all turns out.
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.
! Create a “Try” list & let me know how it goes.

It’s Tuesday Already?!

I thought a day away from blogging would go a lot slower. Yesterday I was already trying to think of what would I post for today. But today is just a start of my Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday journey. I have been considering other days to post for different reasons; one of them being a Saturday to sharing my “Try List” & which bullet(s) I accomplished. The other day would be a Wednesday to get back into doing features. A feature is a interview (video by the person, video with me asking the questions, or typed up) of a blogger, artist, photography, vlogger, designer… WHOMEVER I wish to share with everyone on my blog. Anyways….that is in the works, so be ready when I ask you to be featured.

If everyone has an iPhone they definitely know what Instagram is. It’s like the Twitter app of photos for iPhone users. Apparently they have one for Android users now called “Lightbox” I believe. Either way it’s a nice way to just share anything you’d like. Today I ended up sharing an outfit I wore along with just a random photo of me.

My floral Forever 21 dress was on sale at the beginning of the year. I threw on a grey sweater with my navy knitted tights. The grey combat boots I got myself for the holidays.
The curly fro has been out & about once a week. I have been trying to wear it out more often. I also don’t put too much product in it, or as much as many girls that do have curly hair. I haven’t used gel in more than a year & I am definitely trying to keep it that way. By the way, how can you not love that purple knitted scarf from Forever 21?!
I hope everyone’s week is going good so far. There’s a lot to stay tuned to….I’m also trying to fulfill at least one thing on my “Try List” so let’s see when that update comes up. ;)